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SGCC approved for the development of first IEC international standards in the field of virtual power plant

On March 5, two International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standard proposals - Architectural and Functional Requirements and Use Case for virtual power plant, initiated by State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC), were officially approved. This is not only the first IEC international standards developed in the field of virtual power plant but also another breakthrough of China in international standardization in the field of energy transition and green development. Virtual power plant is a new generation of intelligent control technology and interactive business mode for aggregation and optimization of clean development of "network source load". This technical mode can aggregate various sources dispersed in power grid such as distributed power, stored energy and load in the traditional physical architecture of power grid by virtue of Internet and modern information communication technology for collaborative and optimal operation control and market transaction to realize multi-energy complement at power supply side and flexible interaction at load side, thus providing auxiliary services such as peak load regulation, frequency modulation and standby application for power grid. This is the key part to adapt to the main international trend of energy production and consumption revolution and to build a new generation of extensively interconnected and intelligently interactive power system with flexibility and controllable security, providing prospective solutions for the worldwide problem of clean energy consumption and the low-carbon energy transition. It is known that since 2008, SGCC has initiated and successfully established five technical commissions in IEC on behalf of China, has undertaken the duties of the secretariat and one Chairman of the five technical commissions, and has developed 51 international standards, laying a solid foundation for expanding Chinese power technology and equipment to overseas markets. The two international standards developed herein will establish the leading role and advantage of China in the technical mode of virtual power plant.
Source: Economic Daily - China Economic Net